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Mormon Historical Studies was formerly published as the The Nauvoo Journal. This online archives goes back to 1989 with lots of articles about the early church period. Nauvoo Journal


The Evening and Morning Star was the first periodical of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints Published in Independence beginning June 1832 and continued in Kirtland until 1834.Evening and Morning Star 

The Latter Day Saint's Messenger and Advocate was the second periodical published by the church. It was published in Kirtland from 1834-1837.Messenger and Advocate  

The Time and Seasons was the church's publication printed in Nauvoo from November 1839 through February 1846. 
Times and Seasons  

The Journal of Discourses was an official publication of the Mormon church in Utah, read sermons by Brigham Young, John Taylor and others for doctrinal insight into how Mormonism developed in Utah. Journal of Discourses



Blair, William Wallace – early RLDS apostle and member of 1st presidency

Memoirs of President W. W. Blair


Case, Oscar – long lived missionary

My Book of Acts – Autobiography of Oscar Case


Cunningham, John - early RLDS apostle

Pioneer Family: John Cunningham and His Son


Luff, Joseph – apostle, church physician

Autobiography of Joseph Luff


Robinson, Ebenezer – member of early church & reorganization, printer

Autobiography from The Return 1-3 (1888-1890)


Smith, Frederick Madison – church president, grandson of Joseph Smith, jr

Concerning the Prophet Frederick Madison Smith

Smith, Isaac M – missionary and author

“Leaves from Life” Autobiography of Elder I. M. Smith

Smith Joseph Jr. – translator of Book of Mormon, founding prophet

Joseph Smith, The Prophet and His Progenitors for Many Generations


Wight, Lyman – early church apostle

History of Lyman Wight from Millennial Star 27 (1865)

Other online books/sites

150 members of the early church that followed JJ Strang - some who were later RLDS

Who Was Who in RLDS History: a biographical/bibliographical resource of people who contributed to the history of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Notes on 400 plus people.Who Was Who in RLDS History

      The Book of John Whitmer, Kept by Commandment
     Early History of the Reorganization by Edmund C. Briggs   
        Church History Volumes 1 - 4
     Joseph Smith and His Progenitors by Lucy Mack Smith 
     Memoirs of President Joseph Smith (1832-1914)    
          The Story of the Church - by Inez Davis   
          also an archives of photos of church leaders

Community of Christ site a brief history

How the Plates of the Book of Mormon were translated by Delbert Smith
John Whitmer Historical Association

Missouri Mormon Frontier Foundation

Mormon History Association

Mormon Origins by Michael Marquardt includes

     Books owned by Joseph Smith
     Joseph Smith's patriarchal blessing
     Succession notes

History of individual congregations, campgrounds, and related institutions

Camp Sionita
Samish Island Community of Christ
Orem/Provo, Utah Community of Christ
Dow City, Iowa 1867-1994
Cadillac Reunion 1909
Crescent City Branch - Pottawattamie, Iowa
Graceland University
Leicester Congregation (England)


Kirtland Elders' Quorum Record 1836-1841

A small collection of maps that help locate many historic sites in church history  Maps